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Let us find the weaknesses before the cyber criminals do

SyCom Technologies specializes in Security solutions that help organizations stay one step ahead of cyber predators. Our RedSpy365 Continuous Penetration Testing service addresses the advanced persistent threats that are constantly evolving. Since today’s sophisticated hackers are constantly trying to compromise your networks and systems, it’s important to understand their sources and methods.  SyCom’s RedSpy365 can not only help find the problems but can also offer threat-centric solutions that offer rapid containment and remediation.



Top Ten Benefits of using SyCom's RedSpy365 Service:

  1. SyCom, an infrastructure provider who has been in business for 20 years, specializes in Security solutions that help organizations combat virtual predators.

  2. SyCom's Security Practice Manager, Darren Manners, is a top-rated professional in his field and one of the few elite technical security professionals who holds a Cyber Guardian certification.

  3. By thinking like the hackers, we never quit looking for ways to infiltrate your network.  SyCom RedSpy365 uses today’s advanced persistent threats through auto-vulnerability scans and advanced web application attacks 24/7/365.

  4. SyCom’s hybrid method of penetration testing includes automated bots for basic exploration of security gaps plus human eyes to interpret vulnerabilities and launch advanced exploitations.

  5. Customized Portals provide dashboard tools to run your own reports, view attacks and review live logging, with options to include threat simulations and controlled phishing attacks.

  6. Our flexible engagement provides your company's technical team with tools they can utilize themselves or SyCom can be your full-service provider.

  7. SyCom's Continuous Penetration Testing platform allows for real-time "deconfliction", which provides simultaneous attacks, defenses and analysis of outcomes.

  8. SyCom offers a comprehensive security portfolio that not only help find the problems but can also offer solutions to remediate.

  9. SyCom takes on the burden of staffing by providing top security engineers who average 13+ years of industry experience and possess the highest security certifications.

  10. Customers who have chosen SyCom RedSpy365 find such value that 100% of our Continuous Penetration Testing customers have renewed the service.


IDC believes that products that can do real-time penetration testing will see considerable success over the next few years because they can pinpoint specific security gaps.
IDC Worldwide Security and Vulnerability Management Forecast
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