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For many years, organizations have relied on periodic penetration tests to validate the security of their infrastructure.  Unfortunately, the speed of exploit development and automation leveraged by hackers against an organization has rendered these single “point-in-time” penetration tests insufficient.  What once took months can now be accomplished by hackers in days or even hours.

This market trend created a need for penetration tests that could evaluate an organization’s security as quickly as hackers could take advantage of them.

In 2015, SyCom set out to develop a forward-thinking solution to bridge the gap between tests, led by our Security Practice Area Manager and expert penetration tester Darren Manners.

The Result...RedSpy365

After more than a decade delivering internal and external “one-off” penetration tests, Darren came to believe that periodic testing would never be enough to keep his customers safe and informed.  With that task in mind, he developed RedSpy365, a continuous, White Hat testing platform using the same tools and methods as the bad guys to identify and prevent potential exploits before they happen. From inception through more than 12 versions of development, RedSpy365 infused his idea of automation and multiple tools along with “attack vectors” to become the live, perpetual resource Darren envisioned to provide clients with a continuous, proactive attack strategy.

Darren’s motto?  “We measure what an organization actually DOES, not just what they say they do.” Considering this, RedSpy365 delivers ongoing feedback through its team of analysts who continuously leverage automated tools combined with their insights and experiences to provide remediation recommendations that truly reduce quantifiable business risk.

Team Expertise

A vast wealth of experience in the Information Technology and Security fields means we are the perfect solution for your security needs.

Darren Manners

Security Practice Area Manager

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Allen Jenkins

Chief Information Security Officer

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Ian Saunders

Penetration Testing Engineer

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Jonathan Hall

Security Systems Engineer

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IDC believes that products that can do real-time penetration testing will see considerable success over the next few years because they can pinpoint specific security gaps.

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