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Continuous Penetration Testing

Key Features

SyCom’s RedSpy365 Continuous Penetration Testing solution provides real-time Security Gap Surveillance. We provide 24/7/365 penetration testing via a hybrid of skilled operators and automated bot net technology. We use the latest best of breed tools from the open source community and commercial arena. We enable them to talk together via a common language which provides the best of machine repetition and human interpretation to provide actionable security based upon adversarial exploits, vulnerabilities, tactics, techniques and procedures. We provide deconfliction and advanced attack vector detection giving actionable intelligence 24/7/365.

Features Include:

24/7/365 advanced phishing

24/7/365 external static infrastructure attacks

24/7/365 advanced internal attacks

Client portal with findings and remediation

SIEM deconfliction and honeypot integration

All simulation videos created by SyCom Senior Security Engineer, Darren Manners.


"I find the continuous pen testing to be extremely valuable when determining where the weaknesses are in our network, and in our training."
A Virginia College