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Continuous Penetration Testing

Why RedSpy365?

Perpetual Threat Warfare with a 24/7 Tactical View

Penetration Testing is paramount to ensuring the security of your systems. RedSpy365 Continuous Penetration Testing is not just vulnerability scanning, but full fledged asymmetrical warfare combined with advanced attacks and exploitation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Why wait another 364 days to conduct a penetration test? We give you insight 365 days of the year just like the hackers who are targeting you right now.

SyCom: One Step Ahead of the Hackers

Penetration Testing is constantly evolving. New and advanced methods of testing are being employed to help organizations maintain a constant tactical view. Not only can SyCom test emerging threats and vulnerabilities within a network before attackers can exploit them, but we can produce and send a remediation plan to the IT security team within hours. This is possible through our solution called RedSpy365, a Continuous Penetration Testing Service that monitors systems and reports any emerging threats in real time, every day of the year.

It’s a scary world out there with 95% of security breaches starting with a phishing scam—meaning these are end-user created problems. No product investment can prevent bad end-user behavior and typical Pen Tests only give insight to your security posture one time per year. Bottom line: Current penetration testing creates a security posture snapshot that is only one point in time.

SyCom has the answer: RedSpy365, SyCom's Continuous Penetration Testing solution, provides 365 days of insight into your security defense tactics.


Virginia This Morning: Hack Your Network to Improve It

CEO for SyCom Technologies Tom Cricchi along with Senior Security Engineer Darren Manners joined us in the studio to share the details on a security product that simulates a hacker attacking a company’s network called RedSpy365. The innovative technology helps SyCom identify a company’s weaknesses, before a hacker has a chance to exploit it.


USENIX Enigma 2016 - NSA TAO Chief on Disrupting Nation State Hackers

Watch Rob Joyce, National Security Agency TAO Chief, speak about hackers and security.


SyCom's continuous penetration testing ensures we remain secure by giving us real-time security updates and alerts for all our external facing assets.
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