The Best Defense is a Good Offense

  • RedSpy365 combines the best tools, API’s, bots and skilled human analysts to continuously probe your infrastructure and uncover security gaps that hackers could exploit.
  • RedSpy365 reveals incidents before they occur empowering you to make intelligent investments ahead of an attack.  We stand in the gap between incidents – genuine issues that have yet to cause actual harm – and a costly security breach.
  • RedSpy365 provides you with persistent feedback about your environment to ensure you are managing your risk – and to better understand the potential impact if you don’t.
  • RedSpy365 simplifies communications, streamlines risk workflows and helps decision-makers make informed choices based upon threat and risk intelligence provided.
IDC believes that products that can do real-time penetration testing will see considerable success over the next few years because they can pinpoint specific security gaps.

IDC Worldwide Security and Vulnerability Management Forecast

RedSpy365 strategically combines tools, data and people to identify and demonstrate areas of risk within an organization. RedSpy365 enables decision makers to immediately respond to identified risks in real-time. Even more valuable, RedSpy365 provides expert evaluation of each threat, enabling a proportionate and prioritized response.

The RedSpy365 solution is a framework of best-of-breed tools, skilled analysts, bots and API’s that are combined into a persistent risk analysis portal. By moving penetration testing to real-time, adding threat simulation functionality, and our analysts’ “Red Team” capability, RedSpy365 customers now have a direct view of the risk to their organization. This truly enables RedSpy365 clients to stay one step – or more – ahead of the hackers.

RedSpy365 Architecture Detail

  • Test Infrastructure – Conduct penetration testing for potential security flaws.
  • Analyze Root Cause – Evaluate the findings to isolate the underlying issue(s).
  • Determine Potential Impact – Assess true risk to the business by clearly differentiating between isolated or systemic issues and identifying the reach and potential negative impact of each incident.
  • Align to Standards Compliance – Compare the system functionality for compliance with recognized industry standards.
  • Map to Control Factor – Determine the appropriate policy and/or procedural governance of each issue identified.
  • Provide Agnostic Recommendations – Communicate preventative solutions to avert future incidents. Findings and recommendations are prioritized by potential impact and balance the cost of a solution against the risk to the organization.

The Root Causes of Breaches

Case Studies

Virginia Farm Bureau

Virginia Farm Bureau (VFB) was confident in the strength of their security posture, but as a best practice, they continue to evaluate the merits of solutions in the marketplace to augment their overall security.

Alpha Natural Resources

Alpha Natural Resources looked for solutions that help them hunt down risk in the organization. After their due diligence, they decided that RedSpy365 Core+ was the best fit for their requirements.

Key Features

A hybrid method of penetration testing includes automated bots to uncover security gaps and human analysts who can interpret vulnerabilities and analyze exploitations.

Early risk and impact identification is the key to remediation – fixing an environment before being exploited by hackers.

As managed service, customers can receive alerts on all events or only on specific events.

Best-of-breed industry software increases the likelihood of uncovering risks and reducing false positives to enable the most effective feedback and reporting.

Trained, expert analysts who interpret identified risks to evaluate the potential impact to an organization then map those priorities to recommendations for mitigation.

Reporting on-demand, continuously updated penetration test information, can be accessed anytime for compliance questions and provide attack path algorithms to identify where attackers may probe weak areas of security.

RedSpy 365 takes on the burden of staffing, providing top security engineers who possess the highest security certifications and average 13+ years of industry experience.

Phishing attacks that can be tailored with specific goals to determine how and if an organization is exposed when someone clicks on a hacker’s link.

Combines all forms of penetration testing – web application, external, internal and social engineering – for complete coverage.

Details by Version

RedSpy365 offers three continuous penetration testing packages - Core, Core+, and Enterprise.

RedSpy Core+ includes a more integrated web application penetration test along with complex automated attacks using web ‘Drive-By’ techniques and malware imitation.



  • Cloud-Based Appliance
  • Initial External Test
  • Continuous External 
Penetration Testing
  • Private Portal
  • Penetration Testing Reports 
  • Custom Phishing Campaign with Training
  • Access to Analysts with an 8-hour Service-Level Agreement





All the features of Core plus –

  • On-Site Appliance
  • Web Application Testing
  • Continuous Internal Penetration Testing
  • Two-Day, On-Site Security Awareness Training
  • Access to Analysts with a 4-hour Service-Level Agreement




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All the features of Core and Core+ plus –

  • Security Team Integration
  • Web Code Review (Checkmarx)
  • Customizable Service-Level Agreement
  • Work to Integrate RedSpy365 into Remediation Workflow