The Best Defense is a Good Offense

  • RedSpy365 combines the best tools, API’s, and bots with skilled human analysts to continuously probe your infrastructure and uncover security gaps that hackers could exploit.
  • RedSpy365 reveals issues before they occur, empowering you to make intelligent investments ahead of an attack. We stand in the gap between incidents – genuine concerns that have yet to cause actual harm – and a costly security breach.
  • RedSpy365 provides you with persistent feedback about your environment to ensure you are managing your risk – and to better understand the potential impact if you don’t.
  • RedSpy365 simplifies communications, streamlines risk workflows and helps decision-makers make informed choices based upon threat and risk intelligence provided.

RedSpy365 Architecture Detail

  • Test Infrastructure – Conduct penetration testing for potential security breaks.
  • Analyze Root Cause – Evaluate the findings, or symptoms, observed to isolate the underlying issue.
  • Evaluate Potential Impact – Determine if issue is isolated or systemic, and the reach of potential negative impact.
  • Assess Standards Compliance – Compare the system functionality for compliance with recognized industry standards.
  • Map to Control Factor – Determine the appropriate policy and/or procedural governance of issues identified.
  • Provide Agnostic Recommendations – Communicate preventative solutions to avert future issues by taking into consideration potential impact along with fiscal feasibility of proposed solutions.